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What's Near Us?

Grand Mosque

Bursa Ulu Mosque is a historical mosque in Bursa, Turkey. It was built by the Ottoman Sultan Bayezid I to commemorate his great victory in the Battle of Niğbolu and was built between 1396-1399. It is 150 steps from our hotel.


Historical Grand Bazaar

The birth of Bursa Grand Bazaar dates back to the Ottoman period. The sultans of the period started to build inns, baths and bazaars in the city, which entered the process of re-creation because it was on the trade route when it was conquered. This transformation of Bursa, the capital of the Ottoman Empire, resulted in a long bazaar called Tahtakale. Until today, the covered bazaar was badly damaged in many fires and earthquakes and took its current form with various renovations without losing its historical features.


Irgandı Bridge

Irgandı Bridge is the bridge in Bursa city where artisans perform their traditional handicrafts. It was built in 1442 by Hacı Muslihiddin, son of Ali from Irgandı. It was damaged in the Great Bursa Earthquake in 1854. It was bombed by the Greek army during the Turkish War of Independence and has now been restored. It is 1 km from our hotel.


Tophane Clock Tower

Tophane Clock Tower in Bursa, the Ottoman Sultan II. The historical clock tower, which is rumored to have been built in honor of the 29th anniversary of Abdülhamit's accession to the throne. It is an important monumental work reflecting the Ottoman period architecture. 500 steps from our hotel


Osmangazi and Orhangazi Tombs

It is important by visitors from many countries of the world where the tombs of Osmangazi, the founder of the Ottoman Empire, and his son Orhangazi are located, and by the people of türk . 500 steps from our hotel


Cable car-Uludag Ski Center

You can reach the cable car within 5 minutes by car or taxi. You can enjoy the scenery by climbing Uludağ. It is the mountain, which is the biggest winter and nature sports center of Turkey, which is 20-25 minutes away from our hotel by car. Instead of paying 600-1000 dollars per night to Uludag hotels, you can stay in our hotel for a better price.

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